She's Got You!

Chef Alexandria has been noted for her renowned, unique and exquisite dishes

Alexandria Hollowell

Chef Alexandria has been cooking since a child in a home with full-time working parents and several younger siblings to care for. She has spent years perfecting her cultures cuisine and in more recent years has decided to innovate them.

Being born into the Gullah Geechee culture (mother) and Creole culture (father) she was able to gain years of traditions and knowledge on proper ways of cooking their native dishes. More importantly she learned how to "live off of the land." Which is something that few millennials are trying to revive today. Being raised in two distinct households, Chef Alexandria mastered the individual cuisines and upon opening LE Meals™ decided to fuse them together to collectively represent who she is.

LE Meals™ Prep was created to offer athletes and business professionals fun and quick dishes to eat daily. Unlike traditional meal prep companies, we are absolutely tasty, exquisite, and still organic and healthy for those with dietary needs. Our dishes as also very hearty and wont leave you feeling heavy following the course.


University of Houston

Organizational/ Corporate Communications B.A.

Minor in Organizational Leadership & Supervision

Cum Laude Honors Graduate


Gullah Geechee Chef

New Orleans "NOLA" Chef

Healthy Soul Food Expert

Homeopathic Remedy Enthusiast

"Love it. Amazing food, amazing service. Will return. The sauce on the shrimp and grits is something else make sure to try."

Caitlin D.

"Wanted to try something new and remembered having seen an Eater article about this place. Ordered the Geechee BBQ Wings, Shrimp and Grits, and Okra Stew. Literally every single thing was delicious! Of course the sauce of the Shrimp and Grits would be delicious, but every component is fantastic; you could eat these grits all by themselves and they'd still be crazy good.

Looking forward to ordering again and hoping the Banana Nana dessert hasn't sold out again."

Derek D.

"I tried all the deserts and they where simply heavenly! My gosh, me and my wife where in shock when we tried them. We thought they where going to be good, but Alexandria’s deserts blew us out the water."

Bill J.