Each dish will come with one protein from two choices of meat. Allow the chef to choose a mixture of the protein choices at no cost or choose your own for an additional fee.

This meal prep package includes the following:
1. A-Lek-You 

Description: This entree comes with organic curry, pan-seared red potato dices, topped with a cassava leaf stew (100% vegan, no protein, per request). The stew is topped with broiled, fall-off-the-bone, organic chicken drumsticks or wild-caught smoked turkey. The choice of meat on top is the chef's selection. Unless "Choose Meat" option is selected.


The other side of the entree is an organic and fresh, leaf lettuce salad topped with tomotoes, drizzled with an organic NOLA house dressing (served on the side). This beautiful layered dish is absolutely delectable! 

A-Lek-You Plate